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Cisco Bandwidth statement command equivalent?

I have FCX in a Metro Ethernet wan, they are set to 1G but the Metro link is a 10M subscription.

Though I have set the auto-cost feature up, it does me no good because I can't change the bandwidth of the ve (vlan) of the advertizing interface?

I guess I am left with changing the cost manually?

Mark Monteleone

Sr. NetEng


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Re: Cisco Bandwidth statement command equivalent?

Hi Mark,

     Are you refering to the OSFP auto-cost?  If so then yes, you need to config it manualy.

Interface types to which the reference bandwidth does not apply

Some interface types are not affected by the reference bandwidth and always have the same cost regardless of the reference bandwidth in use:

• The cost of a loopback interface is always 0.

• The cost of a virtual link is calculated using the Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm and is not affected by the auto-cost feature.

• The bandwidth for tunnel interfaces is 9 Kbps and is not affected by the auto-cost feature.



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