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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Can you solve this issue with mac-authentication and do1x authentication?

We are using Brocade ICX 7450 switches, the scenario is, for example there is a port eth 1/1/1, 1.


1. if a known system is connected to it, it will be authenticated by mac-authentication and dot1x both and will gain full access.


2. if an ip phone is connected to it, phones should be bypassed from both the authentications, and should move to a particular vlan, say vlan 100.


3. if an unknown system is connected to the same port, it should bypass both the authentications like ipphones did but should move to a restricted vlan which should not be vlan 100 (where ip phones are moved). where it will have restricted access.


I am confused and stuck on the point 2 and 3, how can we define two different restricted vlans?


thanks! Umair Khan

Umair Khan Patel

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