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Can you reverse the fan direction on TurboIron 24x?

Seeing that you can replace the fan tray in the TurboIron 24x, is there a jumper or command or any way to reverse the polarity of the voltage going into these fans so they spin the opposite direction?

I would like to reverse the airflow because as two of these are mounted in the middle of one of my racks, the hot air is blowing out into the cold asile.  Its mounted that way becasue the rear is where all the nics are for everything (nas, servers, etc) so using fixed length 10g twinax cables reach better all kept in the back vs routing cables to the front.

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Re: Can you reverse the fan direction on TurboIron 24x?

At current offering, the only SKU for TurboIron is TI-24X-AC,  It only provides airflow in a fixed direction.   There is no provision in FRU, or software to enable the fan, part# TI-24X-FAN,  to spin in different direction.



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