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Can the link-oam remote-loop-back command on the CES be used to reflect test set traffic?

I'm trying to find a way to utilize the link-oam commands to allow for remote loop-back for RFC testing. does this feature set function in this manner or am I barking up the wrong tree?


I've been playing with it in our lab but have not been able to make it work at this point.


Currently I have a single CES running 5.4d and I've simplified it down to two untagged ports in a VLAN. (also tried it as a local-vpls) One port is plugged into a test set (eth 1/3), the other I have simply established link on with a dummy device on the other end (eth 1/2). 


I provision eth 1/2 with link-oam active, and I attempted to issue the command link-oam remote-loop-back eth 1/2 start In an attempt to force a loop-back, with no success.


Any ideas?




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