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Can't reset password on a FWS648G-POE (FIPS Maybe?)

Hi Folks,


We inherited a FWS that has an enable password.  From the looks of the hostname (USSFO), it might have been a military/coast guard install previously.


PROBLEM:  boot breaking with 'b' doen't seen to work or appear as an option during console boot.  


Doesn't anyone know what the process is to see if this is actually in fips mode or how to reset a box that is in fips mode?  I called a local brocade SE and he didn't seem to know...he thought 'b' was the only way to reset.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Can't reset password on a FWS648G-POE (FIPS Maybe?)

Are you sure that you hit the "b" while the system is booting?

If you did I'm pretty sure you alredy in "boot monitor mode"

(It's going to be change from FWS648> to MONITOR>)

In  the "boot monitor mode" you have to follow below procedure


1. enable

 2. no password

 3. boot system fla pri

 4. assign new password or erase configuration

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SOLVED: Can't reset password on a FWS648G-POE (FIPS Maybe?)



Problem solved.  After thinking about this a bit I noticed I was missing the following lines at boot:
FWS Boot Code Version 05.0.00
Enter 'b' to stop at boot ...
All I was getting was....
BOOT INFO: load monitor from primary, size = 243056
Appln_Monitor:root_task: ***local_overide = 0***
BOOT INFO: load image from primary...
I was using putty to connect via serial.  Apparently, using putty was a bad idea for serial because it was the reason the console was not displaying the boot code version lines.  I switched to Tera Term and to my surprise I could see the boot code line and the 'b' to stop.
I feel dumb, but I wanted to pass this along in case some other poor soul gets stuck on this.

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