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Can I use non-Brocade SFP in ICX7250

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I'm brand new to Brocade switches and I'm trying to link two Brocade ICX 7250 switches over single mode fiber. The SFP sent by our vendor are not Brocade brand SFP, will these properly work in our switch?


When connected on console I can see that it reconizes the SFP has been connected and doens't state any error, however when connecting the two switches I get no indication that they are communicating and no lights on the switch. I tried enableing the port with:


int e 1/2/1



It takes this command with no complain, but still no lights showing traffic. I even tried restarting both switches and sitll nothing, any ideas?

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Re: Can I use non-Brocade SFP in ICX7250

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I was able to resolve this, just for anyone else finding this by Google search here is an update:


Yes I can use non-Brocade SFP in the Brocade ICX 7250.


The issue was I used the X1 (1/2/1) port with a 1Gbit SFP, which isn't 1Gbit by default according to the Brocade documentation. You can change this in the CLI by using the command speed-duplex 1000-full. An esier solution was to put the SFP in the X2 (1/2/2) port and everything worked.


To change the speed I did the following, however as mentioned earlier I also found using the X2 port worked with no configuration changes.


Serial connection to CLI and type:


conf t

int e 1/2/1

speed-duplex 1000-full



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Re: Can I use non-Brocade SFP in ICX7250



I think you have a 7250-24/48-2x10G edition Brocade switch.

7250 has 8 fixed 1/10G SFP(+) ports and only two ports are at 10G speed by default. They are 1/2/1 and 1/2/3.


So other ports like 1/2/2, 12/4 etc. are already configured at 1000-full by default.

Also i must notice that it's possible to upgrade these 1G ports to 10G by POD license. 

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