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CFM and MIP creation

I wondering if someone could provide some detail on how to successfully set up a MIP on a Netiron (MLXe-8) running 5.2 code. I successfully have set up UP MEPS on my NIDS. The MEP CCM's get through my Brocade lab core which is running MPLS and using VLL's. Link trace, Loopback all work from MEP to MEP.  


When I attempt a ETH-LT or ETH-LB to the MIP MAC address I never get anything back nor do I see any of the statistics increment. 


I want to create a MD and MA on the MLXe to use strictly as a MIP. Based on reading a MIP needs to be at the same or lower MD level. My MEPs are set to level 3 while I have configured the MLXe to use level 2 (I have also tried level 3 as well). I need some guidance on what the configuration should look like as ETH-LB and ETH-LT do not work when trying to send them from my MEP to te MIP. Below is the configuration on the MD on the NID's and then the configuration on the MLXe


NID 802.1ag configuration- 

MD String ID MD-1840

level - 3

MA String name - MA1840

CCM interval - 1 second

MEP ID - 4



MLXe CFM Configuration- 

domain-name MD-1840 id 840 level 2
ma-name MA1840 id 1 vll VLL-840 priority 7

mip-policy default

remote-mep 3 to 4

ccm-interval 1-second



Show commands 

SSH@LAB-MLXe8#sh cfm 2/4 vlan 840
CFM port 2/4, VLAN 840, VLL 840
MA MA1840 at MD level 2: MIP 0024.389c.e933


SSH@LAB-MLXe8#sh cfm brief
Domain: MD-1840
Index: 840
Level: 2 Num of MA: 1
Maintenance association: MA1840
MA Index: 1
CCM interval: 1000 ms
VLL ID: 840
Priority: 7
Num of MEP: 0 Num of RMEP: 2
rmepstart: 2 rmepfail: 0 rmepok 0




SSH@LAB-MLXe8#sh cfm connectivity domain MD-1840 ma MA1840 rmep-id 4
Domain: MD-1840 Level: 2
Maintenance association: MA1840 VLL VLAN/VPLS/VLL ID: 840 Priority: 7
CCM interval: 1000 ms
RMEP MAC PORT Oper Age CCM RDI Port Intf Intvl Seq
State Val Cnt Status Status Error Error
==== =============== ===== ===== ======= ========== ==== ====== ====== ===== =====
4 0000.0000.0000 -- STAR 109 0 N 0 0 N N



SSH@LAB-MLXe8#sh cfm domain MD-1840 ma MA1840 mep-id 4


SSH@LAB-MLXe8#sh cfm statistics
Receive stats: Transmit stats:
LBM : 0 LBM : 0
LBR : 0 LBR : 0
LTM : 0 LTM : 0
LTR : 0 LTR : 0
DMM : 0 DMM : 0
DMR : 0 DMR : 0
Othe CFM stats:
XCON : 0 MA_SYN : 5
ACK_TX : 0

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Re: CFM and MIP creation

[ Edited ]



There is some guidance on these features here, although this is for NI 5.8


Hopefully this will provide some guidance




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