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CER, The managment interface and SFlow

Hello Everyone,

  I am sure I know the answer to my question; "The managment interface on the CERs does not allow SFlow traffic to pass through."

However, I thought I'd check with the community here. "Which types of traffic does the managment interface on the CER allow to pass? is SFlow one of them?"


Thank you for your time.


* * I think I've spent far too much time on something simple * *



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Registered: ‎11-01-2013

Re: CER, The managment interface and SFlow

Well, to answer the question for community users, "No the mgmt interface does not allow SFLOW traffic"


This kinda sucks. Mainly because we have two CERs that do not have knowledge of the internal network.
Internet <-> CER <-> vyatta <-> internal network


So my options are:

create an actual VE interface on both CERs, access-list it, and send SFLOW

create a forward on vyatta to NAT sflow traffic to the monitoring server


I believe my choice will be the first; create a VE interface, access-list it, and use it for mgmt and sflow

Curious what the community would suggest though -> how would you solve this?




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