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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Brocade old fashion Ethernet switches - whats next?

Can someone explain who is responsible about Brocade Ethernet campus product line strategy?

(and answer for few question)

1. Why brocade still sell PoE switches (instead PoE+) unlike any other Ethnernet vendor?

2. Why Brocade have put all focus for stackable switches and forgot all other campus product  (rest of products are very old)

3. 3 year ago local sales rep told rx and sx are end of life soon. We changed all rx 8 and rx 16 products, but look whats there in web pages?

4. Why brocade sales rep cannot tell how to build new data center or  next gen mpls,  but tell they have all technologies available? ( this like old Nortel Netwotks trying to protect business revenue until company did not got nothing to sell)

5. Why Brocade want to keep oem wireless products ? ( dont you know oem business is from 90's) . If you want to be in Enterprise business, perhapes you should first offer end to end Ethernet products from small office to data center.

Its been sad to seet foundry networks innovation and leading vendor going down year by year. Do spin off or do something for yourself

...Hannu (Brocade customer and reseller 11 year).

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Re: Brocade old fashion Ethernet switches - whats next?

Hannu, Apologies for the delayed response but hopefully by now you will have heard from the Brocade team in Finland. For the record I will provide some feedback to your questions here.

There are a number of switches in the Brocade campus portfolio that support PoE+ (802.3at), these include the SX, FCX and the ICX 6610 that was launched last November. During 2012 we will be announcing further enhancements to our campus switch portfolio so please be assured that Brocade is committed to innovation and excellence in this space.

The SX is a central part of the Brocade campus portfolio and it will remain so for the foreseable future, I afraid anyone who has suggested otherwise is misinformed and I apologise for any confusion this may have caused. Enhancements to the SX were announced as part of the November FastIron 7.3 launch that further extend it's capabilities (new 10GbE modules plus software enhancements) and there is more to come with the next software release (7.4) so please look out for further announcements.

The partnership that Brocade enjoys with Motorola provides us with a best in class WLAN portfolio which is an excellent compliment to our wired product set and this is a relationship has resulted in some significant customer successes during 2011 which we hope to extend in the future.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions.


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