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Brocade - l2protocol-tunnel point-to-point lacp - equivalent

Hello Brocaders :smileyhappy:


Need assistance, unable to find document to assist.


I have a layer 2 platform:

A MLXe pair (MCT cluister) distribution switches and CERs, 3750s access switches (cluster clients).

I need to allow lacp bpdus to pass from the edge switches across the platform, their platform act has an extended layer1 device.

I can accomplish this via 'l2protocol-tunnel point-to-point lacp' on Cisco.

But unable to get Brocade to pass the LACP from the access switch edge across the platform.

The only command I found was forward-lacp, but this caused the uplink between the MLXe and CER to bounce.

Anyone know if this can be done on Brocade.


Your response is appreciated.

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