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Brocade SLKWRM 300 & Brocade 200E Switch


We have (Brocade SLKWRM 300 & Brocade 200E) Switches , and we need to connect both switches through Single mode FC connection .

Are both swithces handling single mode ? What type of SFP should be on both, can you provide us model number of SFP ?


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Re: Brocade SLKWRM 300 & Brocade 200E Switch

Your shopping list:

  1. Fabric license on both switches
  2. SM cable
  3. 2 LW SFP, which one depends on the distance you need to cover and the speed.
    Since the 200E has 4Gb as a maximum, so I would settle for 4Gb for both switches

B300 SFP taken from

SFP40manufacturing part  brocade part
4G FC LWL - 4 km57-1000014-01XBR-000142 (1-pack)
XBR-000143 (8-pack)
4G FC LWL - 10 km57-1000015-01XBR-000144 (1-pack)
XBR-000157 (8-pack)
4G FC ELWL - 30 km57-1000020-01XBR-000146 (1-pack) + Extended fabric license on both switches

Most probably the 200E will accept the same SFP's but do check with your switch supplier

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