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Brocade Router Design



I need help with a few tidbits on a design.  Goal is to replace a CISCO 6509.  I need to replace the lab router / L3 core switch with something that can support 10Gb connections in far greater qty.






1) L3 HA (HSRP / VRRP) logical router interface shared beteen two 8000

2) 60 vlans with L3 interfaces and associated routing between them

3)  32 x 10Gb interfaces to allow for spoke / hub aggregation from 16 other edge 10Gb switches

4) 48 x 1Gb RJ45 for various managment and other ancelary devices




Diagram of 6509 Replacement :

2 x 8000 -  1 x 10Gb DAC ISL Between

3 x FastIron 648 in a stack via CX4 cables -> Uplink to 2 x 8000 with 4 x 10Gb Optical 10Gb cables (XSFP expansion modules)






1) I am trying to program L3 routing at 8000 level but belive that this switch does not support L3 Routing

2) I need a way to ensure that the default gateway and L3 interfaces bound to the VLANs are HA.  VRRP / HSRP kind of technologies are what I expected to configure.


Any other recommendations would be appreciated.









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Re: Brocade Router Design



I did some reasearch and have part .. so to answer my own question.


1) HSRP /VRRP technologies for HA of L3 is not needed in a stack.  Stack has primary / seconday which would take over L3 roles / VIPs in event of one switch in stack failing.  VRRP only would be neeed if two stacks were joined for L3 layer and HA needed to span stacks

2) Brocade 8000 cannot do L3.  Their are FOS versions which are listed as CEE and not with CEE and I assumed referances that I saw was that it could do L3 with a change in FOS .. nope.  8000 is good for 10Gb Agregation to send data down to L3 layer which are the stacked FastIron 648



Now I just need to figure out how to get it all working ...  Maybe I will post the configurations when done for others to see example

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Re: Brocade Router Design



Ok.. spent several hours trying to figure out dhcp helper services on FastIron Switches.


From "FastIron Ethernet Switch :  Layer 3 Routing Configuration Guide"



Page 88:


Brocade(config)# interface ethernet 1/2
Brocade(config-if-1/2)# ip helper-address 1



"ip helper-use-responder-ip"   -> not valid command

sw05(config-vlan-6)#ip he
  helper-use-responder-ip       Retain Responder's Source IP In Reply
sw05(config-vlan-6)#ip helper-use-responder-ip
sw05(config-vlan-6)#ip helper-use-responder-ip



Configuring DHCP Assist
You can associate a gateway list with a port. You must configure a gateway list when DHCP Assist is
enabled on a Brocade Layer 2 Switch. The gateway list contains a gateway address for each subnet
that will be requesting addresses from a DHCP server. The list allows the stamping process to
occur. Each gateway address defined on the Layer 2 Switch corresponds to an IP address of the
Brocade router interface or other router involved.
Up to eight addresses can be defined for each gateway list in support of ports that are
multi-homed. When multiple IP addresses are configured for a gateway list, the Layer 2 Switch
inserts the addresses into the discovery packet in a round robin fashion.
Up to 32 gateway lists can be defined for each Layer 2 Switch.
To create the configuration indicated in Figure 12 and Figure 13, enter commands such as the
Brocade(config)# dhcp-gateway-list 1
Brocade(config)# dhcp-gateway-list 2
Brocade(config)# dhcp-gateway-list 3
Brocade(config)# interface ethernet 2
Brocade(config-if-e1000-2)# dhcp-gateway-list 1
Brocade(config-if-e1000-2)# interface ethernet 8
Brocade(config-if-e1000-8)# dhcp-gateway-list 3
Brocade(config-if-e1000-8)# interface ethernet 14
Brocade(config-if-e1000-14)# dhcp-gateway-list 2





All I want is to have a given VLAN to forward DHCP requests on that VLAN to a set of two servers / list.



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Re: Brocade Router Design

<<< Poke forum>>>



So nobody knows what matic commands it takes on FastIron to get basic helper services for DHCP from VLAN (example 6) to point to server on VLAN 3 ??



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Re: Brocade Router Design

That is done on the routed interface, what is routing the VLAN? 


The guide you posted above is accurate.

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Re: Brocade Router Design

Example of how this may be done


vlan 10

router-interface ve10

tag e 1/1/1


int ve 10

ip address

ip helper-address 1

ip helper-address 2


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