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Ethernet Switches & Routers

Brocade Ethernet Simulator/Emulator

by on ‎01-13-2012 05:10 PM - edited on ‎10-30-2013 01:21 PM by bcm6 (29,845 Views)

Brocade Ethernet Simulator/Emulator - r49 released AEST (Oz timezone) 9/9/2013


Upon hearing of an official simulator or emulator I stop working on the one I was creating.  However after 2 and a half years  I have been as yet unable to come across the program or any other for that matter.


After the post by btebo - located at I thought it might be time to revive my effects in this matter.


My goal when I created it was to be able to simulator the CLI interface of a Brocade FastIron SX 1600, I knew then as now, that I did not and do not have the time to create an emulator. That and of course the fact I am not a professional programmer.


So to that effect I will try and find some time for what at least I hope will be of benefit to people new to Brocade's Ethernet CLI (or classic Foundry Networks CLI).


The simulator as it stands now is at this point to be considered to be barely working , but for those interested you can find a copy here.


Please check for latest version go forward.




NEW Version r49

     More commands added (see readme file in the downlaod), more menu help (TAB and ?) added.


Version r48

     Lots of bug fixes - check readme file for more info


Version r47

     Added basic VLAN support - both tagged and untagged port can be added to a VLAN - use show vlan or show vlan x to view ports.


Version r46


  • Description: r46
  • new commands
  • lots of fixes
  • See the readme file in the download.


Download at


The following commands can be used in the running config (and can be written via write memory);


Enable level

  • boot system flash pri/sec
  • Config terminal
  • show

Config level

  • arp <ip> <mac> inspection
  • aggregated-vlan
  • boot system flash pri/sec
  • cdp run
  • console timeout
  • cpu-limit addr-msgs
  • fdp run
  • hostname
  • interface ethernet {num/num]
  • lldp run
  • logging consoel
  • logging host
  • logging persistence
  • router rip
  • router vrrp
  • snmp-server location
  • sntp server
  • sntp poll-interval
  • show
  • write memory

Interface level

  • spanning-tree root-protect
  • stp-bpdu-guard
  • port-name
  • enable/disable of interface port


The no commands for the same as well.