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Brocade CES - not enough space



This is probably a stupid question - but I could not figure out the solution.


I have updated the OS, boot and FPGA of a CES to the latest version. Beforehand, I had deleted the secondary image to get enough free space. Everything went fine.


At this point, I rebooted and got a proper working setup. I then thought it would be a good idea to copy my primary to the secondary, so at the next upgrade I can revert to this current version, however there isn't enough free space to do a "copy flash flash secondary".


Is there any workaround or those the CES only hold 1 image with the latest release?




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Re: Brocade CES - not enough space

starting ver 5.4.0 and later, Netiron devices only hold 1 image...


but you can keep one old image and one new image, in case the primary gets corrupted.


if you try to do copy flash command based copy, it tries to reserve the same amount of same which is in primary in secondary.....which may cause to not have enough space.


try copying using tftp to primary


then use tftp to copy the same image to secondary, and it should work.....

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