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Brocade 6910 with Cisco 2960


Our entire network consists of Cisco 2960 and 2960s switches, and for a fiber junction we are using an old 3 Com fiber switch. We are currently utilizing all 12 of the ports on the 3Com fiber switch and we are looking to upgrade. I have been looking at the Brocade 6910 switch, hoping that this will function as a fiber switch, where I can bring in 11 fiber runs, and then 1 fiber run to the server stack. I also have 2 more 12 port 3com units that I can use but I would really like to upgrade as they are ancient.

I am wondering if the brocade 6910 will function as a fiber switch, bringing in 11 connections and 1 to the stack. I also wish to know will the 6910 work well with the 2960 cisco switches? Will I be able to use the sfp tranceivers(GLC-SX-MM) that I currently have for my cisco switches on the brocade? If I have to buy brocade tranceivers, will the brocade transceivers communicate with the Cisco GLC-SX-MM Transceiver?

I am currently using the cisco as plug and play and hope that the brocade, if it works, will be a painless transition. I am not anetwork programmer, just programmer trying to get this stuff going one step at a time. I have very basic Cisco training, so configuring the switches may be a pain for me, but I can figure it out if something has to be done.

If I am being unclear I apologize, if you have questions please ask and I will do my best to answer.



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Re: Brocade 6910 with Cisco 2960

Hi Matt,

I apologize for the delay in getting you the information you are looking for.  Let me try and get you some answers.



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Re: Brocade 6910 with Cisco 2960

Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay. It took a while for me to get access to reply in this community.

You are looking for a fiber aggregation switch in this scenario. Brocade 6910 has 12 fiber and 12 copper combo ports; but it is a service provider grade 'Ethernet Access switch'. It is not designed to be an aggregation switch, though it can do static routing and layer 2 switching. You can use Brocade 6910, if you just want a basic layer 2 fiber switch. If you are looking for a high performance layer 3 aggregation switch, we have a couple of other options.

I would recommend FastIron CX 24-port fiber switch (FCX624S-F) for this scenario. It is an enterprise grade switch with 24 1GbE SFP fiber ports, and you can optionally add two 10GBE ports. It also comes with rich layer 3 features like OSPF, RIP, static routing etc., which are very important for an aggregation/core switch. It can be stacked using dedicated stacking ports at the rear. There is a similar fiber model in our high-end ICX 6610 product line too. These two switches are also protected by Brocade’s assurance lifetime warranty (Next business day hardware replacement and free software upgrades).

Brocade 6910 and FastIron CX will have no interoperability issues with Cisco 2960/2960-S switches, as long as you use open standard protocols in your Cisco switches. You cannot use non-brocade branded transceivers in our switches, as it will void the warranty. You will use E1MG-SX-OM (equivalent of GLC-SX-MM), which is the short-range multimode transceiver from Brocade. You can have GLC-SX-MM at Cisco end and E1MG-SX-OM at Brocade end.

Our CLI is industry-standard and very similar to Cisco, and so you basic Cisco training is more than enough to configure our switches. We also have inbuilt GUI-based web management interface, which is easy to manage.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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