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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Registered: ‎06-09-2011

Best practice with MCT for uplink survivability.

I'm looking to find out what is the best practice in MCT implementation for maintaining uplink redundancy with line card failures.

I'm running 2x MLXe/8 at edge each with one uplink to different geographic region routed by BGP4.

I need a solution that will account for both a bad uplink and a failed line card on the opposing MCT partner router.

How should I be handling the uplink routing to that opposing partner?


MCT Cluster (MLX1 & MLX2). Downstream connections are all LACP to both nodes.

MLX1 uplinks to loc A and MLX2 uplinks to loc B. 

If I have a failure of uplink at loc B and a bad line card(for downstream connections) on MLX1, how can I tell traffic that's destined for upstream that arrives from downstream on MLX2 to cross the ICLs and use the uplink at MLX1? Run iBGP across ICLs?



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