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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Registered: ‎09-10-2013

Best iSCSI switch for long ISL

Please let me know the best iSCSI switch for long ISL distance

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Re: Best iSCSI switch for long ISL


A word of advise;

Looking at you past activity you have a habit of posting one-liner question.

Usually your questions lack any detail on your environment, goals you're trying to reach and perhaps more importantly what effort did you make yourself and what were those results.

Sometimes your question is a simple google search question.

All those things matter (at least me) because.

-we don't have a crystal ball which shows everything by magic

-we do this on our own time

-it's not useful to post solution you've already tried

To give you an example of things you could have mentioned already

-The isl is X long

-We light it ourself

-we have xwdm implemented from vendor XYZ

-It to be used for replication between two P2000

The more effort you put into you're initial post, the greater chance someone is inclined to provide an answer to your question

To set you of in a direction;

iSCSI is IP traffic so any ethernet switch will do. Depending your specific requirements you might want a specific switch.

Be aware that on long distance links latency can become an issue requiring Async replication between component (for instance a storage array's)

Also I would not run a production server across a long link.

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