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Best Practises - ICX 6450

I am new to Brocade switches and am in the process of testing them in our environment (ICX 6450s). I am impressed so far with the ability to manage and configure them. I have some questions on best practises as it pertains to configuring these switches.


1. should spanning tree be enabled on all ports including the fibre connection ports (x4)?

2. should sFlow be enabled - I am not familiar with sFlow but it is enabled right now.

3. What should be the default settings be for the fibre ports - we have 1GB transceivers.

4. We are also wanting to Trunk 2 of the fibre ports for extra bandwidth between our 2 buildings - is there anything I should be aware of in setting up trunking?


Thank you.

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Re: Best Practises - ICX 6450

All of the answers to your questions are depend on your actual network topology and what exactly do you want from your network.

But based on your questions, can be assumed that you are new not only to Brocade, but to networking in general, so I could advise one general rule for you - if you do not know what the exact feature do, so you do not need it, following this rule, you will leave most of the setting by default, until your network becomes high loaded or compromised.

So short answers to your questions are:

1. If STP is enabled now, leave it this way. And learn what is STP, what it does and what does not. Brocade resources do not explain this in good detail, so you should better use Cisco's study materials.

2. By default sFlow should not be enabled, if it is used now, so somebody before you enabled it for some reason. Read about this feature in internet again and decide whether you need it or not riht now.

3. Show you current running configuration anddetailednetwork topology - possibly I can give some advise, but now you can enable optical monitoring and unidirectional link detection on these ports. Again, read about each feature before enabling it.

4. Yes, you should be aware of software version you are using. There is big difference in operation and configuration of LACP/static between 7xxx and 8xxxx version software.


Good luck, and I hope you will study hard to become familiar with these questions and will help other people.

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