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Backup firmware image from flash

Hi all,

I have a FCX-624S, I want to upgrade the firmware image, currently it runs version 07.0.01b.

Before making some mistake, I would like to backup both the firmware images installed on the switch now (primary and secondary flash partition). So I tried with "copy flash tftp <server-ip>  FCXS07001b.bin primary" and "copy flash tftp <server-ip>  FCXR07001b.bin secondary"; both those commands report an error:

"FCX624S Switch#TFTP: received error request -- code 0 message Permission denied

Flash to TFTP Error - code 16"

Do you have any suggestion?


Best Regards

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Re: Backup firmware image from flash

Hi Luca,

    That is the correct command to copy the images.  But the error looks like your TFTP server will not accept files.  Try uploading a file from another computer to see if the TFTP server will accept files.

P.S. I find using tftpd32/64 a very good tool for this.



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Re: Backup firmware image from flash


I don't have an answer but I do have a question?

Where did you find the upgrade procedure ?  been looking all day on brocades website ?/



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Re: Backup firmware image from flash


The upgrade procedures are usually found on release notes. Log onto , go to DOWNLOADS,

Welcome to Brocade login

Under 'Product Downloads', Select 'Ethernet switches' in the pulldown menu. The FCX releasenotes can be found under 'FastIron CX'.

Hope this helps

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