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BR-MLX-10GX24-DM in MLX-8 chassis


I need to install BR-MLX-10GX24-DM in old MLX-8 chassis (not MLXe)

I have normal switch-fabric modules.


What I need to replace ? All SFMs to H-SFMs (Hi-Speed Switch Fabrics) ? Power Supplies ?

Any remarks ?




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Re: BR-MLX-10GX24-DM in MLX-8 chassis

Hi Michal,


You cannot install it in a normal MLX.


From the HW installation guide:


BR-MLX-10Gx24-DM interface modules can be installed only in Brocade MLXe devices running in MLX mode (NI-MLX-MR and BR-MLX-MR2-M or the equivalent 32 slot management modules).


Hence you need a new chassis.

Here's the link to the hw install guide HW install guide





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