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BGP route-map issue


I'm having an issue with rout-map values being ignored when choosing best route. When I check for available route to a destination in some cases none of the available routes would be marked '>' as the best one and it ends up picking which ever. I need to figure out why this happens.

Here are my route-maps (I changed As number to dummy once):

SSH@someswitch#sh route-map

route-map WCIX-IN deny  5

match ip address prefix-list WCIX-DENY

route-map WCIX-IN permit  10

set local-preference 100

set metric 0

set community  51335:6475 additive

route-map STOP-BGP deny  10

route-map TiNet-IN permit  5

match as-path  TINET-PREF

set local-preference 130

set metric 10

set weight 100

route-map TiNet-IN permit  10

set local-preference 100

set metric 0

set community  51335:3255 additive

route-map WCIX-OUT permit  5

match ip address prefix-list Vianet-ORIG

route-map TiNet-OUT permit  5

match ip address prefix-list Vianet-ORIG

And here is as-path-access-list:

SSH@someswitch#sh ip as-path-access-list

ip as-path access list TINET-PREF: 3 entries

     seq 5 permit ^3255_7018_.*

     seq 10 permit ^3255_.*6453_.*

     seq 15 permit ^3255_7922_.*

And here is an exmple of routes:

SSH@someswitch#sh ip bgp

Number of BGP Routes matching display condition : 2

Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i internal

Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete

    Network            Next Hop                  Metric      LocPrf      Weight Path

*      10          130              100    3255 7922 i

*               0           100                0       6475 3491 7922 i

       Route is not advertised to any peers

For some reason it picks route going through AS6475, when route through AS3255 is better. Switch is a RX4 with firmare ver V2.7.3aT143.

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