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BGP peering issue

I've got a weird issue with setting up a bgp session to a peer.

I have a cer-2024F with (5.0.1 NetIron O/S) with 7 other bgp peers all working with no issues. I'm trying to setup an additional peer to a router via ebgp-multihop.

The router is 6 hops away. I setup the peer and a password. I get Idle then active and it never leaves the active state. I reset the peer and i keep getting the same thing.

So I ran debug on the peer and noticed that it states that the tcp connection was reset remotely. I call the company that I'm trying to set the peer with. They stated that it could be a "MSS" maximum segment size problem. Has anyone else seen this kind of issue. I thought that the cer negotiated the mss with each peer independently? Is there a way to force a mss size to 1440 for a bgp peer? Any help is appreciate.



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Re: BGP peering issue

Hi Pat,

     I assume you have ebgp-multihop configured for the peer.  You should also ask them if they have Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (GTSM) enable on their end, if so you will need to enable that on your side too.

     I do not believe you can change the MSS, as like you say it is a value that is negotiated.



Posts: 69
Registered: ‎10-14-2011

Re: BGP peering issue

Thank you for the reply, Yes i have ebgp-Multihop used for this peer. The router on the other end is a Cisco 7206. I have never had any other issue like this before. I was pretty sure that the MSS value is a negotiated value but couldnt prove it to the vendor on the other router.

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