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BGP Conditional Advertisements

This question was asked in the Knowledge Base a few years ago, but that article never got a decent answer so I will try again. I want to do a "conditional BGP **filtered**" that would be similar to the Cisco parameters of "advertise-map" and "non-exist-map" on the "BGP neighbor" command. Brocade does not seem to have these exact parameters, but I need to know if there is a way to fake-it and produce the same effect.


To be clear; I have two ISP's – ISP-A and ISP-B each connected to a different Brocade at my site (CER 2024 running NetIron 5.8.0). The objective is for me to advertise my own network-1 to ISP-A when both ISP are up, but to automatically advertise network-1 to ISP-B should ISP-A fail (which is exactly what those Cisco commands do). I have tried weighting the advertisements with prepends, but this is a problem because the "wrong" ISP picks up the non-prepend route via the IBGP **filtered** between the two Brocades.


Is there a way for Brocade (CER/NetIron) to do conditional BGP advertisements?

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