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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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BFD with Aggregation Link

how do we configured BFD with aggregation link Ethernet on CES/CER/MLX devices ?

lag "1" dynamic id 1

ports ethernet 1/21 to 1/22

primary-port 1/21


interface ethernet 1/21


bfd interval 100 min-rx 100 multiplier 3

ip router isis

ip address

isis bfd

isis hello-interval 30

isis point-to-point

router isis

net 49.0001.1000.1000.1002.00

bfd all-interfaces

is-type level-2

log adjacency

address-family ipv4 unicast

  metric-style wide


Total Entries:2 R:RXRemote(Y:Yes/N:No)H:Hop(S:Single/M:Multi)

NeighborAddress                        State  Interface Holddown   Interval  R/H                             UP     eth 1/23  300000     100000    Y/S <--- Single Link                             DOWN   eth 1/21  0          1000000   N/S <--- Aggregation Link

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