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Assign mgmt IP address for only specific VLAN

Hello all,

I have few FWS624G switches, i need assign mgmt IP adress on this devices to specific vlan only (for example vlan 3130).

My problem is that switches are learning IP/MAC address via diffirent vlan and vlan number is changing at the time,

because switches can see other neighbors via vlan 3130, 3131, 25,  26 ... etc.

What I need is listening device IP address only vlan3130 interface and no others.

My configuration


aaa authentication enable default radius local
aaa authentication login default radius local
enable telnet authentication
enable aaa console
hostname sw-studanka
ip address
ip dns server-address
no ip dhcp-client enable
ip default-gateway
telnet access-group 1                                            
telnet timeout 5
telnet login-timeout 5
telnet login-retries 5
telnet server enable vlan 3130
username admin password .....
radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 default
radius-server key 1 xxyyzz
radius-server retransmit 5
radius-server timeout 5
fdp run
no web-management http
ssh access-group 2


I try something like this but it's not working for me. (maybe is neccessary clear ip adress from general config?)

conf t

vlan 3130

ip adress

Thx. FH

Occasional Contributor
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎01-07-2011

Re: Assign mgmt IP address for only specific VLAN


sorry Iam stupid idiot, that was really simple using "management-vlan" directive. F.

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