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As service providers will you be playing a role in the establishment of the Broadband for Public Safety Initiative?

Dont you find it amazing that for those of us in the technology field who access the internet  and collaborate with our constituents  using any device is a common day occurrence,  but to public safety responders it is not?  I did not realize that with 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina the fire and police departments were not able to communicate with each other because they did not have a common wifi network or spectrum that they could communicate on? The good news is that this deficiency is being recognized and Congress has introduced the Broadband for Public Safety Act of 2011 ( HR 607) which provides funding for the establishment of seamless interoperability throughout the United States.  Essentially they would reallocate the D Block to a univeral public safety network.  In addition with access to the LTE network first responders would be able to communicate more efficiently and share incident videos and updates.  So my question to service providers are as follows:

1) Will you be able to leverage your broadband networks and benefit from this initiative?

2) Will there be  stimulus money to allow you to upgrade your networks with technology such as 100 GbE to support these bandwith demands?

3) Are you required to support this initiative but have to do it with no additional funding?

I would be interested to hear what role you all may play in this because I see as a vendor it creates key opportunities in being part of this ecosystem.

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