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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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All the devices in dual mode getting same vlan ip???

Hi All,


We configured dual mode for some ports in SX 1600 for IP-phones and user-PC. The configuration is shown below.


But now ww are facing that these two vlans getting ip in same vlan.


Please help to solve the issue.


interface ethernet 11/21
 dual-mode  130
 spanning-tree root-protect
 inline power
 voice-vlan 18
 no snmp-server enable traps link-change



Thanks in Advance,

Gowtham Elamurugan

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Re: All the devices in dual mode getting same vlan ip???

[ Edited ]

Before you put the ports in dual-mode, make sure you tag them for both vlan 18 & 130.


Once you're sure that's done, make sure you have a router-interface ve 18 and 130 configured on the core (or upstream L3 device) and for that ve (or interface vlan, if Cisco) make sure you have a helper ip address configured pointing to your DHCP server.


On the DHCP server, make sure you have scopes and scope options configured properly for each subnet using DHCP.



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