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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Adding a port to multiple vlans


          I am trying to add a port on a MLX device to multiple existing VLANs. Therefore rather than going into each vlan individually and adding port, is there a way that I can do a vlan range and then add the port?

Regards Howard.

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Re: Adding a port to multiple vlans

Hi Howard,

     Yes you can - see VLAN groups from the config guide. There is also VLAN range command but this is for smaller numbers of VLAN (upto a max of 64 vlans on  a fastiron, not sure about the MLX)

Configuring a VLAN group

To configure a VLAN group, perform the tasks listed below.

1. Create the VLAN group and assign the VLANs to that group.

Brocade(config)# vlan-group 1 vlan 2 to 1000

Syntax: vlan-group <num> vlan <vlan-id> to <vlan-id>

The <num> parameter specifies the VLAN group ID. On the Brocade devices, you can create up to 128 VLAN groups per system.

The vlan <vlan-id> to <vlan-id> parameters specify a continuous range (with no gaps) of VLAN IDs that have not been configured in the CLI. Specify the low VLAN ID first and the high VLAN ID

  1. second. The command adds all the VLANs in the range to the VLAN group. If a VLAN within the range you specify is already configured, the CLI does not add the group but

instead displays an error message. If this happens, create the group by specifying a valid contiguous range that does not include the VLAN. Then add more VLANs to the group after the

CLI changes to the configuration level for the group.

NOTE The device’s memory must be configured to contain at least the number of VLANs you specify for the higher end of the range. For example, if you specify 2048 as the VLAN ID at the high end

of the range, you first must increase the memory allocation for VLANs to 2048 or higher.

2. The CLI directs you to the VLAN group configuration level. Add tagged ports to the group. Since all the VLANs in the group share the ports, you must add the ports as tagged ports.

Brocade(config-vlan-group-1)# tagged e 1/1 to 1/2

Syntax: tagged ethernet

Using the no tagged ethernet command causes the following error message such as the following to appear.

Brocade(config-vlan-10)#no tagged ethernet 4/2

error - ports ether 4/1 to 4/2 are not tagged members of vlan 10

This message is normal and indicates that the configuration has take effect. It does not indicate that an error condition has occurred.

3. If required, you can add and remove individual VLANs or VLAN ranges from the VLAN group configuration level. For example, to add VLANs 1001 and 1002 to VLAN group 1 and remove

VLANs 900 through 1000, enter the following commands.

Brocade(config-vlan-group-1)# add-vlan 1001 to 1002

Brocade(config-vlan-group-1)# remove-vlan 900 to 1000

Syntax: add-vlan <vlan-id>

Syntax: remove-vlan <vlan-id>



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Re: Adding a port to multiple vlans

Thanks Michael, however I am trying to do this for existing VLANs i.e,.

vlan 20


vlan 666

tagged ethe 1/1 ethe 2/1

router-interface ve 10


vlan-group 5

SSH@pe-6.LHC3#conf t

SSH@pe-6.LHC3(config)#vlan-group 5


  add-vlan                      Add VLAN members to this VLAN group

SSH@pe-6.LHC3(config-vlan-group-5)#add-vlan 20

Error: Vlans 20  already configured

As you can see it does not work. Therefore I was wondering if there was another method?

Regards Howard.

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Re: Adding a port to multiple vlans

Hi Howard,

     You are correct that you must create the VLAN-Group before using them.  The only way to fix that is to remove all VLAN config and start again with VLAN groups.

     You find this useful is you do not need to many VLAN

SSH@swtich(config)#vlan 99 100 125

SSH@swtich(config-mvlan-99*125)#tag ethernet 1/1/19

Added tagged port(s) ethe 1/1/19 to port-vlan 99.

Added tagged port(s) ethe 1/1/19 to port-vlan 100.

Added tagged port(s) ethe 1/1/19 to port-vlan 125.


Or you can use the range command

SSH@swtich(config)#vlan 99 to 140

SSH@swtich(config-mvlan-99-140)#tag ethernet 1/1/19

Hope that help some


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