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ACL Layer3 on FCX

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I have a trunk port with 3 vlans on it, 11,12,13 which go off to a third party environment.

I have no control over ip addresses allocated to devices on vlan 13 and am worried about conflicts from misconfig by another admin.

I would like to restict incoming traffic to my switch specifically only of vlan13 so that only traffic from is permitted inbound to my vlan13 members.

I am confused by source-guard and standard ACLs.  Source guard appears to be mainly for vlan assignment, so am I right in thinking I need to focus on ACLs?


If so, does this look correct:

enable ACL-per-port-per-vlan

write memory



access-list 13 permit

int e 1/0/39

  per-vlan 13

    ip access-group 13 in





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Re: ACL Layer3 on FCX

Hi @JohnMurrayUK,


We have passed this information along to our support group in hopes they can assist you. So they are able to get you in touch with the right team, you will receive an email requesting more information about your setup. While they are working with you, we still encourage you and other memers to still post in the community. If the issue is resolved we will make sure to post the solution in the community to assist other members. If you run into any problems or need additional, help please feel free to reach out to me. 


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