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A new OSN 3500 doesn't show all its boards?

A new Huawei OSN 3500 equipment just created, generated after the upload operation the NE error: Invalid parameters error code: 38722; and some boards didn’t appear or turned grey (picture).

The troubleshooting developed was:

  1. Run in Navigator the commands (:ver, :hbu-get-backup-info, :cfg-get-nestate, :alm-get –curdata)
  2. Try to create the NE with only one SCC board.
  3. Downgrade the NE to a pure SDH version.

There was two troubles, first the NE had two SCC boards that didn’t synchronize because each one had a different ID, and the second issue was a mistake made by the person that upgrade the element on site; he put on the equipment the version V2R11C00SPH303 which is a version for Huawei MSTP equipments, and the customer network only managed SDH elements.

The solution was remove one SCC board, and after that the configured the ID belong to the board that was outside of the equipment in the board that kept inside. The next step was insert again the SCC board and wait until those boards turned synchronized. Once the Navigator command :hbu-get-backup-info, showed the result:  “Backup-Info  : 0x00000003”; I proceed to ask the partner on site to downgrade the NE from the firmware V2R11C00SPH303 to  V100R010C03SPH211.

Finally when the NE get the target version  V100R010C03SPH211, all the boards belong to the equipment appeared in the layout, and began to work properly.

The key to create on the NM a new NE without problems is; to demand a good commissioning on site with a complete report when buy Huawei OSN 3500.

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