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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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802.1ag support on FastIron platforms

I am trying to implement OAM on a FastIron SX 8 and am unable to find any documentation on this. Specifically I want to set the SX8 we have in our Lab as a MIP. With the upstream device being a XMR which is also a MIP while the downstream goes to a Cisco Metro-E CE device. The only commands I can see that even remotely have anything to do with Metro-E/OAM/CFM functionality is the tag-type command. However, this does not help me in creating a MIP so that I can have fault detection, isolation and verification. Current rev of code we are running in this environment is 7.400C. Any help offered would be great, thanks!


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Re: 802.1ag support on FastIron platforms

Hi Samantha,

I'm afraid the FSX currently doesn't support 802.1ag nor does it have a way I could find to be setup as you outlined above (as a MIP). I'm checking to see if this something which might be coming in the future though.


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