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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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4 Dead Ports on a ICX6610

I have a ICX6610 where port 29-32 appear to be dead.  If i plug a device into those ports, it refuses to show anything but down.  The lights on the port turn on, but the console shows them as down.

I can apply the exact same config to any other ports and they come right up.  I have stripped all on the config off and made sure to "no disable" the ports, no help.

I guess I am just curious if there is something in the architecture that would make these four specific ports die in this specific way.

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Re: 4 Dead Ports on a ICX6610

Sorry to hear of the problem with these four ports rwitschger.  To my knowledge, no.  Best recommendation would be to get in touch with TAC/Support to see whats going on.


Mike Eversole
Brocade Community Manager

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