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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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3G service not pass in STM-1 due to SNCP problem

【Problem Summary】”3G service not pass in STM-1 by LAG_Ticket

【Problem Details】Product Information: OptiX OSN 3500 Version Information: V1R8 SR Severity: Major Problem Description: 3G service not pass in STM-1 by LAG

Customer requirement:

to pass combined (2G+3G service) through 2 path as active and protection.


1.    MW path

2.    Huawei Optix STM-1 path

Due to SNCP by EG4 card SNCP not possibileafter using EFP8 card as SNCP sink,SNCP possible.【Resolution Summary】
【Resolution Details】

there are physical connecting between EG4 and EFP8.


The service route is IF — EG4(Eth port) — EFP8(Eth port) — SPDH — IF     — SL1D  — IF


SNCP configuration should be configured on Huawei optical interface board–EFP8.


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