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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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1Gps fiber sfp's brocade icx

Hey guys,

I'm trying to troubleshoot a situation btw a foundry sx and a brocade icx.  I setup tagged ports and vlans btw them both.  Now when I connect the 2 switches with an ethernet cable, ospf comes up and everything works nicely however when I connect them using fiber, they fail to establish any adjacencies nor can I ping btw them even with private ip's.

On the sfp ports for the icx, it says to configure the ports manually to:  1000-full-master and the other end to 1000-full-slave which I did.  The link comes up but I can't pass any traffic between them.

Any ideas on why this may be at all?


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Re: 1Gps fiber sfp's brocade icx

I have moved your discussion thread to the Ethernet Switches and Routers Forum as that will be the best place to get your question answered.

Thank you for using Brocade Communities!


Grace Chang

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Re: 1Gps fiber sfp's brocade icx


Which ICX model do you have? Is it ICX6610?

According to FastIron switch admin guide,NOTE:  You can modify the port speed of copper ports only; this feature does not apply to fiber ports.

Also I am not sure if you are using 100Base-FX fiber transceivers.If you are, then after you physically install that transceiver, you have to enter a cli command to enable it. Steps to enable/disable the 100Base FX transceiver on chassis and stackable switches can be found here.

Just to make sure you have the right optics, you may check out the list of supported transceivers by clicking this link below.

Hope this helps



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Re: 1Gps fiber sfp's brocade icx

Similar issue here.


ICX6610 24 Port Fiber only. If we use a copper SFP links come up. If we use the same port with fiber then there is no link on the port. No matter what you do, but if you put back the copper SFP it works. I was able to reproduce it on 6 out of 11 ICX6610 all running latest OS: ver 08.0.10T7f1


The 6 switches the problem happens are new (2month) the others are around 8-12 moth.


Only thing which helps is reboot the switch. Happens with both 3rd party and original brocade SFP's.




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