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1000BaseT with FESX-448s and Cisco 3750

We are trying to use a newly purchased Cisco 3750 as a centralized location for mirrored traffic from other points in our network, then use the Cisco to forward that traffic to various monitoring devices. We currently are mirroring traffic from two MLXs, two FESX-448s and a BigIron 8000. The switch the 3750 is replacing is only capable of 100MB, so we'd like to take advantage of the 3750's gig-E ports. The MLXs and the BigIron 8K are working perfectly, but we cannot get the mirror ports on the FESXs to come up as 1G, only 100MB.

I have tried using auto-negotation as well as hard-coding the speed/duplex on both sides, but we cannot get the interfaces to come up on either side. We are pushing a lot of data through the FESXs, so we can't really settle for 100MB. I am unsure a) what the problem is, and b) how to set the FESXs up (1000-full-master vs. 1000-full-slave).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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