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100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Interoperability Test and Field Trial

by Greg.Hankins on ‎06-21-2011 08:38 AM (425 Views)

It's been an exciting couple of weeks, as three of our customers have been working on 100 GbE interoperability and field trial tests.  We are also getting ready for the official 5.2.00 software release,and will be shipping our first 100 GbE line cards soon.

Success of Industry's First High Speed 100 Gigabit Ethernet Joint Interoperability Test at IX (Internet Exchange Point)

The first 100 GbE interoperability test at an Internet Exchange (IX) took place in Tokyo and was announced jointly by Internet Multifeed Co., operator of the JPNAP exchanges in Tokyo and Osaka, and two of the largest ISPs in Japan, Internet Initiative Japan Inc. and NTT Communications Corporation.

Interoperability testing was performed using routers from Brocade, Cisco, and Juniper and Spirent Communication's packet generator (provided by Toyo Corporation).  The testing demonstrated that 100 GbE interoperates and performs in a multi-vendor network, and concludes that the technology is ready to be deployed.

The announcements from each company are available in form of a press release, and a detailed interoperability report is planned to be available soon.

AMS-IX and Limelight Networks Field-Test Brocade 100 Gigabit Ethernet Technology to Stay Ahead of Internet Growth

Our first 100 GbE field trial is still underway in Amsterdam.  AMS-IX and Limelight Networks are testing MLXe 100 GbE routers in preparation for
a field trial that will carry Limelight's live traffic over the AMS-IX exchange in the first 100 GbE peering deployment.

Their testing started by connecting Limelight's MLXe 100 GbE router in Amsterdam, which connects to their global backbone, to the AMS-IX MLXe router in the IX fabric.  Then a number of Layer 2 and Layer 3 tests were run using Anritsu traffic generators to test functionality and forwarding performance between 100 GbE ports on the same line card, between 100 GbE ports on different line cards, and between 10 GbE ports and 100 GbE ports.


The results were first presented at the More IP/AMS-IX Technical Meeting in a presentation given by Elisa Jasinska (Limelight Networks) and Martin Pels (AMS-IX).  I presented a similar presentation on behalf of Limelight Networks/AMS-IX at the NANOG52 network operator conference in Denver.

Our press release on the field test has some more information and customer quotes.