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Ethernet Switch

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"snmpEtherStatsPkts1024to1518Octets" counter unavailable in ROBO switch 5389


I'm using broadcom ROBO 5389 switch and want to validate how many packets are received on a particular Ethernet port having size between 1024 and 1518 bytes.

The BCM SDK I'm using is version 6.5.2.

In the "show statistics" command on the BCM shell, I see the following message :

-snmpEtherStatsPkts1024to1518Octets (stat 31): Feature unavailable

Is there a way in BCM SDK to check how many packets are received on a port having size 1024 to 1518 bytes?

I browsed through the SDK 6.5.2 code and found out that these stats are not available for the ROBO chips.

FILE:          "vxworks-6.9/vector/drv/bcm/src/soc/robo/common/counter.c"
FUNCTION:      drv_counter_get


               case DRV_SNMP_ETHER_STATS_PKTS1024TO1518_OCTETS:
                    * ROBO chips don't support this range MIBs (Pkts1024to1518Octets)
                    * The MIB counter range for ROBO chips are :
                    * - 1024 to standard maximum packet size,
                    * - 1024 to 1522 packet size.
                   return SOC_E_UNAVAIL;
               case DRV_SNMP_BCM_RECEIVED_PKTS1024TO1518_OCTETS:
               case DRV_SNMP_BCM_RECEIVED_PKTS1519TO2047_OCTETS:
               case DRV_SNMP_BCM_RECEIVED_PKTS2048TO4095_OCTETS:
               case DRV_SNMP_BCM_RECEIVED_PKTS4095TO9216_OCTETS:
                  return SOC_E_UNAVAIL;
               case DRV_SNMP_BCM_TRANSMITTED_PKTS1024TO1518_OCTETS:
               case DRV_SNMP_BCM_TRANSMITTED_PKTS1519TO2047_OCTETS:
               case DRV_SNMP_BCM_TRANSMITTED_PKTS2048TO4095_OCTETS:
               case DRV_SNMP_BCM_TRANSMITTED_PKTS4095TO9216_OCTETS:
                   return SOC_E_UNAVAIL;

My aim is to fetch this data through the SDK only and not manually reading a switch register.

Please Help.


Vinayak Mehta

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Re: "snmpEtherStatsPkts1024to1518Octets" counter unavailable in ROBO switch 5389


There is MIB counter register Reg (0x20-0x27: 0x68-0x6b) per port for checking the receive packet size between 1024 to 1522 bytes.



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