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vcenter discovery username length

Trying to setup the vcenter configuration in our fabric, running 5.0.1a and vcenter 5.5. The documenation gives the example of

vcenter myvcenter url username user password pass


That is quite straight forward, however I am having a problem with the username length getting the error

syntax error: Username length should be in the range 1-16


With vcenter 5.1 onwards requiring VMwares SSO setup, every username has to have a realm on the end, you cannot authenticate without it, whether you use active directory or not, so even to sign on as a local user it is username@vsphere.local, how you are supposed to fit this into 16 characters I would love to know!


Is there a way to set the realm? Will it automatically append the the default vsphere.local realm? Is there some documentation I am missing here?


Advice appreciated.



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Re: vcenter discovery username length

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With our team setting, we could not set a realm. The way we used is create another local username and password in Windows Server(if you're running on Windows OS). This username is admin level.  Then, you should add it to vCenter. After that, add it to VDX.

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