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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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vLAG total bandwidth

Hi ,


I have a quick question to all Brocade experts.


I have three 10G links in a vLAG. I guess total bandwith should be 30G.


when I run  show interface port-channel 1, it shows:


Linespeed Acutal : 30000 Mbit

Allowed member speed : 10000 Mbit


Can anyone clarify what the above means? Am I getting 30G of total bandwith?



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Re: vLAG total bandwidth

Yes you are getting a pseudo 30Gbps.  I say pseudo because the load sharing is hash or flow based so will depend to a degree on the distribution of traffic.


The output shows that there is 30Gbps of bandwidth (30000Mbit) and that your members can only be 10Gbps (10000Mbit).

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