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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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show process cpu history



Please let me ask question about  "show porcess cpu history"




VDX6740T# show process cpu history 
Realtime Statistics:
Load Average: One minute: 2.13; Five minutes: 2.07; Fifteen minutes: 2.01
Total CPU Utilization:
Current:   4.00% (user procs:2.00%, system-kernel:3.00%, iowait:0.00%)
1 minute:  11.00% (user procs:8.00%, system-kernel:4.00%, iowait:0.00%)
5 minute:  16.40% (user procs:7.30%, system-kernel:6.80%, iowait:3.00%)
15 minute: 8.03% (user procs:4.00%, system-kernel:3.67%, iowait:1.13%)
1 hour:    3.71% (user procs:1.82%, system-kernel:2.17%, iowait:0.24%)
5 hour:    3.73% (user procs:1.73%, system-kernel:2.33%, iowait:0.29%)
24 hour:   3.63% (user procs:1.71%, system-kernel:2.36%, iowait:0.20%)
72 hour:   3.67% (user procs:1.74%, system-kernel:2.37%, iowait:0.21%)




Total CPU Utilization

"72 hour" =  Past 72hour Utilization Average?




Thank you.





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Re: show process cpu history

Yes, past 72 hours.


The word "Total" in the header is mis-stated. It should read "Average CPU utiliization". I do not know the test interval for the utilization measurement.


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