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definition VLANs on teamed fiber-pair - on Linux

Hi guys,

Are there any plans to support the definition of VLANs on teamed fiber-pairs for Linux-hosts?

From firmware v2.3.0.2 there is support for this on Windows-hosts - and works best from v3.0.0.0 onwards. The feature offers redundancy on case one of the VDXs fails (we have implemented CNA1020 adapters in various hosts working with two VDXs).

Are there developments to facilitate this feature for Linux-hosts and from which firmware version is this expected?

Thanks in advance and warm regards,

Martin Henry

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Re: definition VLANs on teamed fiber-pair - on Linux

Can you tell me what is the configuration in the switch side where the hosts ports are connected.

Also your port-channel configurations on the switch ?

what type of NIC teaming are you trying to configure ?

What version of firmware are you using on the CNA 1020 adpaters?

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Re: definition VLANs on teamed fiber-pair - on Linux

sorry for the late reply.

The host ports are connected to two VDXs - one leg in one, one in the other.  The intention is to have a fail-back configuration, just as we implemented on our Windows hosts.

e are trying to team a Brocade 1020 CNA adapter.  We have tried both software and firmware v3.0.3.0 and v3.1.0.1.

I hope this answers your questions.

Furtermore when installing the CNA1020 on a SLES10.3 platform, we find we can no longer bind the CNA to the platform.  In the HCM application the adapter is visible and shows no problems.  However, when defining the VLANs within YAST the defined NICs show up as 'not connected'.  We are unable to establish IP connectivity this way.

Should we use a different application/mechanism to define the IP connectivity and which is this?

This issue is also being addressed through Brocade case #1122762 - for which we receive little to no input.

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