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capture packet interface

Can you please assist me with this question?

Per the vdx manual, the vdx can capture packets from an interface.


e,g capture packet interface tengigabitethernet 8/0/39

I can view the captured packet via show capture packet interface tengigabitethernet 8/0/39


but the manual does not say how to export the captured packets to another network device. it did mention that the packet captured are in (pcap format)


my goal is to export the captured packet to unix host.


Thank you

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Re: capture packet interface

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first of all you need to do configuration on brocade device, VDX in this case for "PORT MIRRORING"

When you mirror a port, all the packets from the source interface is forwarded to the destination interface.


use the following configuration for port mirroring:


switch(config)# monitor session 1

switch(config-session-1)# source tengigabitethernet 1/0/15 destination tengigabitethernet 1/0/18 direction both


here the traffic from interface 1/0/15 is forwarded to interface 1/0/18


NOW, you need to take care that the destination port must not have any type of configuration on it.


After this, connect a laptop to the destination interface (do not give it ip address or anything else)

install an application named "Wireshark" its free of cost.


open Wireshark and click on CAPTURE


now you can save the packet capture and transfer it to other devices.

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Re: capture packet interface

Thank you

I will try this.

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