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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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What is the default principal-priority?

I understand that the VDX switch with the lowest WMM wins, but what takes priority? (VDX6740, NOS 4.1.2AC)


If I set the principal-priority to 10 on switch A and 20 on switch B, what happens when I add a 3rd switch to the cluster? Could that new switch become the Principal node?


I found this post, but it doesn't tell me the default principal-priority is so I can make sure I set my priority appropriately so another switch won't take the priority unless there is an outage.




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Re: What is the default principal-priority?

Until you assign a principal priority value the VDX does not have one.  So in your example, the third switch added to the fabric would never become the principal unless both the VDXs with assigned priorities became unreachable (e.g. failure, fabric segmentation).


Do a "show vcs detail" and you'll see priority of 10 and 20 on two of the VDXs and no mention of 'priority' on the VDX where you did not assign it one.

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