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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Welcome to Brocade’s Ethernet Fabric Community!

Welcome to the new community focused on data center Ethernet fabric solutions and architectures. Earlier this year, Brocade announced the development of Brocade Virtual Cluster Switching (VCS) technology to build Ethernet fabrics. Networks built with Ethernet fabric technology are ideal for virtualized data centers are another step forward on the path to cloud architectures. Those interested in adopting higher levels of server virtualization in the data center and plan to move towards private cloud architectures... this is the community for you.

Enjoy discussing Ethernet fabric technologies and check this community frequently for the latest on Virtual Cluster Switching from Brocade.


Erik Pounds

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Re: Welcome to Brocade’s Ethernet Fabric Community!

Hi there,

I'd like to join Erik in welcoming you to the Brocade Ethernet Fabric community.  I've been working on this exciting technology almost since its inception and welcome your questions, comments and discussions.

I believe Ethernet Fabrics, new and not fully understood today, will become the norm for designing data center networks.


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