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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Accepted Solution

VM-Aware Network Automation


port-profile TESTHOST static 0050.5678.1c58
port-profile TESTHOST static 0050.567c.5f33
port-profile TESTHOSTVM static 0050.56a9.0001
port-profile TESTHOSTVM static 0050.56a9.0009

Is this necessary to map mac-address statically (colored underlined mac of ESX Server) while creating port-profile. I tried without adding these mac-address but this showing Vcenter status "in-progress" after adding these mac its working fine. Is this my configuration mistake? Can anyone please explain about port-profile configuration  in a ESX Server /virtualization environment.

I have attached the reference  document please have a look at that.

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Re: VM-Aware Network Automation

Yes that is correct . You have to associate a MAC address to the port profile statically for it to be activated.

Please refer to the below VCS fabric Test Case document posted by Brook Reams , An excellent source for various test cases running Brocade Network Opertaing System .  Section 2.2 in the document talks about creating and associating a port profile .

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Re: VM-Aware Network Automation

Thank U very much qshaikh. Test case is really useful

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