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VDX6730 - in-band management (newbe)


HW: VDX 6730 in VCS mode.

NOS:  show sys | incl NOS

NOS Version                   : 3.0.1


Configure in-band management on VLAN ID 1 for a VDX which has only 1(one) active 10GbE Port ( int te 2/0/5) and the Mgmt Port as well as a dedicated VLAN can not be used right now. So we are stuck to the default vlan 1 .


Section: 9.3.2 Configure In-band Management via Physical Interface the following logic should be applied.

conf t

int te x/y/z

ip address a/b

ip mtu 1200

ip arp-ageing-timeout 300

do clear arp no-refresh

ip proxy-arp



Does the "ip mtu 1200" means that all packets going through this port and larger as 1200 will be fragmented ? Pretty bad on a 10GbE link.

Does the "ip mtu 1200" is even necessary ? And if yes , why ?



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Re: VDX6730 - in-band management (newbe)


what i can say that the default on access (edge) ports is currently "mtu 2500" - and in your example config all frames get fragmented that are larger than those MTU. I don't know the reason because there is only management-traffic on this port and it is not nessecary. If you don't wanna spend a 10G port only for Management i prefer the 1g mangement port like that:

interface Management 1/0

no ip address dhcp

ip address x.x.x.x/x

ip gateway-address

no ipv6 address dhcp

no ipv6 address autoconfig

and maybe a route under the rbridge-id 1.

All in VCS Mode.

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Re: VDX6730 - in-band management (newbe)

Hi Dennis,

thx for answering. My current solution is:

  • The management port gets connected via a cable to a 10GbE Port ( 1GbE Copper @ port x/0/24 ).
    • conf t
    • int te <rbridge>/0/24
    • switchport
    • exit
    • exit
  • The management ports get configured
    • conf t
    • int ma <rbridge>/0
    • no ip address dhcp
    • ip address <IP>/16
    • exit
    • exit


I tried to use  VLAN 1 by creating a virtual interface Ve to access the management port but it does not work.

Answer from brocade support:


vdx6730-3(config-rbridge-id-3)# interface Ve 1

%Error: Creating Ve interface with default vlan ID is not allowed


This is the designed behavior of NOS 3.0.1 code. A feature request has been requested to add this functionality and is tentatively scheduled for NOS 4.0.1 code. You can use DEFECT000440702 for your reference.

thx again.


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Re: VDX6730 - in-band management (newbe)


thanks for that feedback. The most that came from the other big company do not like to use vlan 1 :-) so maybe that 3.x engineer also or maybe he comes from there


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