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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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VDX6701 - weird port speed issues

Hello All,

Firstly I am not a networking expert but have been working with networks for quite a while and only recently started looking inside switches.


We have some VDX6710's that as far as I know are configured correctly.

The issue that we are seeing is slow SMB transfer speeds on some ports but not on others!

Clients are Win 7 and report connection at full 1GB.

A 'bad' port gives 2-3 MB/s a 'good' port 40-45 MB/s

Cabling and wired infrastucture has been checked and changed (where possible) but with no difference.

Swap a client machine from a bad to a good port and performance increases.


I have looked at: eveything I can find wrt interogating ports and everuything I can find shows they are identical.

They are untagged and on the same VLAN. They show 1GB speed.

Show lldp says they are the same.


Can anybody please help me try some other fault finding?





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Re: VDX6701 - weird port speed issues



I would suggest that you check all the interfaces on the switch to confirm that the output from show interface command shows that the speed is 1 Gbit/s and that duplex is full.  It is also worth checking error counters for CRC, Discards etc.




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