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VDX Spanning-Tree Edgeport - on Access and/or Trunk ports?

Hello all.


I am searching for an answer on the following topic on "spanning-tree edgeport":


I am running the following config in short:


spanning-tree mode r-pvstp+


interface port-channel 10

 switchport mode trunk

 no spanning-tree shutdown

 spanning-tree edgeport


interface te 1/0/1

 channel-group 1 mode active type standard



1. is the config "spanning-tree edgeport" valid for a "switchport mode trunk"?

    is it putting the trunk interface into "portfast" mode?


2. is it valid and correct to configure teh "spanning-tree edgeport" on the interface port-channel?

  It is not accepting this command on the Te interface attached to the port-channel


3. Or is the "spanning-tree edgeport" only valid and well functioning on "swicthport mode access" interfaces?


I have issues with this config at a customer but the NOS guides do not list anything special on thie command.


Is anybody aware on the correct and designed function of "spanning-tree edgeport"?


Any hints ars higly welcome.


Other vendors have a special command for trunk ports like "spanning-tree porty type edge trunk".


Thank you very much,



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Re: VDX Spanning-Tree Edgeport - on Access and/or Trunk ports?

1.) On a portchannel the config is valid only on the port channel interface ! This makes sense cause it helps preventing a config mismatch on the physical ports.

2.) Yes, its valid and or course only on the port channel interface. See question 1. !

3.) No, works on trunk ports as well cause they can have active STP as well !


You forgot one important thing !

You wrote that you are using PVRSTP+ so Ciscos proprietary version of PVRSTP. Cisco uses different BPDU Mac addresses as the rest of the network world so making the VDXes talk PVRSTP+ you mandatory need to confige "spann tree mac adress cccc.ccdd" on the port channel interface.

If not the VDX is using standard PVRSTP BPDU macs and is not compatible to Ciscos version of PVRSTP+


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