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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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as i know CoS on VDX has some pre-definitions - CoS 3 is reserved for FCOE (big Thresholds and 40% Bandwith DWRR) and CoS 7 Used for "Fabric" with Strict Prio and also nice Buffers/High Thresholds. 

But what is CoS 6 normally used for? Normally reserved also for Network Protocols but if i running VDX all Routing and TRILL should use 7 ?

What i need to know is how big i have to define the Buffers and Weight in a "normal" Native VDX enviroment - i think 25% Buffers and weight 60 in default is a little bit high for that ?!


Thanks for feedback

Posts: 48
Registered: ‎02-27-2012

Re: VDX Qos

As i found out - per default all Fabric ISLs provide TC6 Traffic - "CEE Map _vcs_cee" and normal "default-ports" use TC1. But i am not really familiar and started testing. It would be helpful if anyone has already configured qos on VCS-VDX and post some more infos that are not in the admin guide :-)


Thanks in advance

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