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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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VDX NOS 3.x system monitoring


i have a running fabric and i want now to manage and monitoring the machines and the ports. By default the "logging" is mostly disabled and sometimes set only to raslog. What i want is to get an email and /or raslog for errors. Did someone configure that and can provide the configuration ? The configuration guide looks strange different to a cisco/mlx configuration.

Currently the port-errors have the highest priority 'cos we wanna migrate servers to vdx.

Thanks in Advance! fabric

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Re: VDX NOS 3.x system monitoring

Dennis ,

Have you seen the System Monitor section in the NOS Admin guide . Here you can find details on setting system thresholds , setting alerts for various FRU states and define an action for the alert .

switch(config)# system-monitor { fan | power | temp | cid-card | sfp | compact-flash | MM | LineCard | SFM } alert action

Below is the link to the NOS Admin Guide where you can find more details .

Hope this helps.


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